NikkiSpade Answers Your Question

We asked one of our hottest cam performers, NikkiSpade your questions about orgasm. She loves to cum, and she was thrilled to answer. The question we get the most is about the difference between a g-spot orgasm and a clitoral orgasm and about squirting, and Nikki considers herself an expert on cumming, and we agree. Her answer turned into a tutorial for women on squirting, something you guys can take advantage of! Here’s what she had to say.

First, squirting doesn’t happen every time. If it did, then well you’re cool as fuck. Squirting comes from over stimulation of the “A” spot and “G” spot being worked over until you can’t contain yourself any longer, although squirting can also be produced through clitoral stimulation also, it can take longer to achieve.

Gushing is just great!!! I myself am a long distance squirter. I’d say 11ft. is my best, and well 16ft. is a personal goal of mine. If you squirt, then you’ll know the feeling of the pressure that builds from the multiple orgasms that we endure that brings us to squirt. Now, with that being said I find that if you have the power to squirt, then your pelvic muscle structure can and is strong. I’m not saying women that can’t squirt aren’t as strong, everyone is good at something. It’s just that our pelvic muscles like to push, and sometimes we can’t hold in the happy. Squirting can also occur for women who’ve had large insertions, like I mentioned before gushers are great!

My first with a female gusher was a couple years ago. Her husband introduced me to squirting, through the use of her body. When she was ready to pop, I sat down and he pulled his fingers out. She gushed, gushed and gushed. Anyhow, I find that if I bring myself many times to the brink of (in your case) gushing, refrain from gushing. It can be important to make this a marathon and not a sprint, take your time. Allow the pressure to build inside yourself, this would be considered orgasm denial, and edging.

Both can be very stimulating, which I find to be helpful when learning and or teaching yourself to squirt. Denying yourself that pleasure, is only going to make you want to achieve your own goal, another tip for getting it to “stream out” from what I understand your seeking is when you can no longer hang on. The pressure is to much for you, as if your just going to explode is to reach down, with both hands. Fingers on either side, open your inner pussy lips just a bit, which should give you the ability to manipulate your stream. Overall, just have fun!