Amy Anderssen with puffed up lips and huge fake tits showing that ass and pussy

They don’t come more leggy and more Bimbofied than Amy Anderssen. Just look at them massive fake tits and puffed up lips. Stunning! Wearing a tiny little pink dress and high heels it really doesn’t take much to get her to slide that skirt up and show her ass and pussy. Who wouldn’t want to bury their face in them titties.

This lucky dude gets to do that – bury his face cock deep in her ass and her pussy. Amy makes sure she swallows every last drop of his cum too! Continue reading “Amy Anderssen with puffed up lips and huge fake tits showing that ass and pussy”

Top 10 bimbos of 2017

Featured image above from: Sophie Dee

You know I just love Bimbos that’s what I decided to start my very own blog dedicated to ’em. It’s early days for my blog and early days for me as a webmaster but I thought I’d put together a quick list if raunchy Gifs from some of my favorite Bimbos.

What qualifies as a Bimbo? According t o Wiki it’s “a curvaceous figure and large breasts, possibly wearing heavy makeup and revealing clothing”. I agree pretty much but I’d also like to add that I prefer Bimbos with huge fake tits. It does also say on Wiki that they’re usually pretty dumb. I can’t say for sure one way or the other as to whether the below girls re all dumb. That you can decide for yourselves. One thing I will tell you is that  they’re all seriously hot and  they love to get naked and naughty. Click to the next page to see the naughty Gifs. Continue reading “Top 10 bimbos of 2017”